This is the modern way of getting advice on everything you need to know about BEE. At Inspiredex we make it our priority to provide you with BEE information from the legislation, registration, verification and operations and laws.

You might ask yourself why do I need BEE advisory?

The need for BEE advisory services has dramatically increased, with the level of compliance fast becoming an important competitive advantage in every industry. The making has shifted to BEE advisory for upcoming business owners not to make mistakes and to make the process smooth and easy.

What do BEE advisory?

inspiredex BEE advisory assists you throughout the verification process, collecting evidence, advising you on meeting the required targets, calculating your current, future or proposed claims and indicating the impact on your level of compliance, amongst other services. Our main priority is to assist you to achieve your desired level of BBBEE compliance in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

South African government develop a BEE Advisory Council at a national level which is responsible for providing leadership and direction in the implementation of B-BBEE in the country.

The functions of the Council are to:

• Advise government on black economic empowerment;
• Review progress in achieving black economic empowerment;
• If requested to do so, advise on draft transformation charters; and
• Facilitate partnerships between organs of state and the private sector that will advance the objectives of this Act.

why BEE advisory is important?

• Provides guidance and tips to new business owners
• Cut the responsibility process for applying for BEE
• Saves time and money
• Provide financial assistance for new business owners
• Advice on strategic options and alternatives
• Valuation and preparation of BEE
• Identifying, approaching and securing of potential progress of the client
• Facilitating negotiations and managing the bidding process ensuring optimal value realization for other clients
• Managing the transaction with the aim of a successful turnover and meeting the client’s initial idea.

BEE advisory A legit BEE advisory should be able to provide their clients with a comprehensive advisory approach that draws from their strengths in providing strategic and tactical know-how, industry knowledge, innovative structuring, and financing solutions (which is the most downfall of many companies). Inspiredex offers you just that and beyond with our qualified personnel that has been trained with an intensive knowledge of the B-BBEE legislation and BEE Verification.

Next time you are looking for a good BEE advisory make sure that you visit Inspiredex today to get these qualities and rest assured you will know your way around BEE and its legislation.

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