Your SANAS Accredited B-BBEE Rating Agency Of Choice (BVA 249)

“Through quality service, your business will comply with B-BBEE Legislation”

About Us
Inspired by shared economy!

Inspiredex is a SANAS Accredited BEE Verification (Rating) agency with SANAS accreditation Number: BVA249 (view certificate here). We are a level 1 B-BBEE Contributor with 135% BEE procurement recognition in terms of the DTI codes of good practice issued in 2013 and we are one of the leading B-BBEE Rating Agencies in South Africa. Our mission is to grow our market share by providing, impartial, speedy, objective, independent and quality B-BBEE Rating services exceeding our stakeholder expectations at competitive fees through using innovative processes and competent personnel.
We are not just any verification agency, but the preferred corporate choice providing a new outlook on B-BBEE Rating services. (download company profile)

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