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Appeals or Complaints?

Inspiredex is determined to protect its verified entities and other users against errors, omissions or unreasonable behaviour or treatment. The following procedures the company takes to ensure amicable resolution of any appeal / complaint leveled against it or its employees:


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The Managing Director will be responsible for ensuring that all appeals / complaints against Inspiredex are investigated and, where these are determined to be valid, the Managing Director will ensure that the Appeals are adequately addressed in a timely manner and that those complained against do not handle the very appeals / complaints. In the event that a complaint or appeal is lodged against Inspiredex (Pty) Ltd and one or all of the complaints or appeals committee member/s is/ are involved in the complaint or appeal, the Managing Director of Inspiredex will procure services of an independent competent person to act as the Chairperson of the Complaints / Appeals Committee. The independent competent person will be subjected to all the policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and impartiality. The independent competent person will be responsible for making recommendation to the Complaints/Appeals Committees and have the final say and decision on the complaint or appeal matters before him/her. An independent competent person will be considered as someone with a sound knowledge and understanding of the B-BBEE Act and Codes of Good Practice. HE/SHE must have a MDP in B-BBEE coupled with a Bachelor’s Degree.

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