The verification agency exists to make the process of BEE verification agencies easy for clients. Basically, getting your BEE rating calculated and verified is key to developing your business and operating successfully in the country. At inspiredex we operate under the motto “Through quality service, your business will comply with B-BBEE Legislation” we prioritize your business needs and respond to them effectively.

Higher rankings enable you to do business with larger companies and government departments and open up possibilities to become preferred suppliers and tender applicants. The most common difficulty that business owners experience is that the verification process can be confusing and complicated unless you are working with an accredited verification agency inspiredex.

What to know before choosing a verification agency?

Other things to watch out for when choosing a BEE verification agency are whether they keep their staff up to date in terms of verification skills and knowledge, this is one of the objectives of Inspiredex whether they use clear, fixed procedures; the degree of transparency with which they operate; and whether they offer any extra services. For example, verification agencies provide annual ratings to their clients to keep them informed of their BEE progress.

As a good verification agency at inspiredex we make the verification process as easy as possible for you, because we do it professionally it is always completely hassle-free.

When you want to work with legit verification agencies keep the following points in mind:

• It is important to first evaluate if you need the services of verification agencies and why do you need them, you can easily evaluate our services at inspiredex
• There are many chancers, make sure you check of the agency must be accredited with the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) or Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA).
• This is to ensure that the agency is qualified to do the verification work, and reliably so.
• As an accredited BEE verification agency, Inspiredex is sufficiently experienced and we have a good reputation.
• before signing up with an agency, it is highly recommended that you source at least three quotes and compare them, in simplest terms, this is called weighing your options and choosing the best ones.
• Keep it in mind that the lowest price doesn’t mean you will get the best services, therefore, inspiredex remains on the top of your list, we also provide a list of references of our previous clients.
• A good verification agency should make the verification process as easy as possible for you and if they do it professionally enough, it should be completely hassle-free.

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