Do you want to know everything about BEE, but you don’t really know where to start? Then taking part in the BEE Training & Workshops can help your business achieve all its dreams and goals. BEE process can be confusing to someone with little/ no information about it at all, therefore, BEE Training & Workshops are vital to prosperous business owners.

At Inspiredex our procedure provides you with an educative overview on the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, hence understanding the impact of business decisions on your scorecard performance.

What is BEE Training & Workshops?

These training and workshops were designed to ensure clients are thoroughly informed of the latest BEE requirements so that companies and organizations are fully equipped to implement and manage sustainable B-BBEE strategies and practices.

What are the benefits of BEE Training & Workshops?

• They develop a level of foundational and intermediate BEE Training that equip B-BBEE professionals with the knowledge they need to manage the Transactional side of B-BBEE in the business environment.
• provides a deeper understanding of the technicalities behind the scoring and management of points in the B-BBEE environment.
• They help you to obtain Compliancy Skills BEE training
• They usually focus on the transformation processes of BEE within a company.
• The main objective is to see where a company can capitalize on BEE and ensure that their company is ever improving on their standing, rating and overall compliance.

What to expect when you want to do BEE Training & Workshops

This can be a very simple task but with the wrong direction and guidance, you can be wasting your money on a training program that is not done properly. BEE Training & Workshops should help to equip the BEE manager with the skills, competency, and knowledge required to ensure that the business is always on track and compliant.

After completing a BEE Training & Workshops program you should know the following:

• Understand the BEE score and rating boards.
• Targets and measurements are included usually in this particular focus.
• Tools and skills for gathering BEE data on a continuous basis within a company.
• Planning and final implementation of BEE within a corporation, business or even small to medium sized company.
• Knowing how to update a company’s BEE status and standing on an ongoing basis as the company expands and becomes more compliant.
• Pointers on how to capture data and documentation in preparation for a formal BEE rating.

Training is one of the easiest ways to boost your BEE rating for maximum points, being able to know everything about BEE is fundamental for any businessperson so that you can be able to know your way around in BEE from registrations to verification and accreditation consult Inspiredex today.

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