BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg provides its clients with a comprehensive advisory approach that draws from their strengths in providing strategic and tactical know-how about BEE, industry knowledge, innovative structuring, and financing solutions. Basically, they exist to help you with everything you need to know about the BEE process.

Choosing the right BEE Advisory Agencies JohannesburgThe higher your Black Economic Empowerment score, the more opportunities your business has access to this is very important to know especially when it comes to tenders. You must Choose a SANAS accredited and very experienced BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg that gets to know your business first, then applies a unique blend of business, procurement, legal and labor law expertise to optimize your BEE rating.

BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg’s main purpose is to make BEE simple for you, they should navigate complexities of BEE legislation on your behalf to ongoingly deliver the best possible result for your business. Mainly the client’s goal is usually to turn their Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) status into a powerful business tool and BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg should offer you just that and more. furthermore, they should provide a good track of proven success from previous clients of the work they’ve done. This means the BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg always must provide a good list of references that you can track down.

What does BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg do:

• They provide BBBEE equity structuring.
• Due diligence.
• Valuations.
• Corporate finance and tax advisory.
• Buy-and-sell side mandates.

BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg also provides clients with a BBBEE Plan that will indicate the current and proposed requirements in order to achieve the level of compliance that management is aiming for.

The BBBEE Plan can cover a period of two to five years, examining all elements of the scorecard and proposing solutions to be undertaken over the required period to secure the required level of compliance

A good BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg should have the following qualities that will set them apart from the rest in the market:

• Track record
• Flexibility
• Fast turnaround
• Cost-effectiveness
• Personal service
• Independence

There are many terminologies that come with BEE from the registration to verification stages that are confusing to someone with little or no information about BEE. BEE Advisory Agencies Johannesburg should be able to clearly advise clients on most basic and important things to know about BEE which includes the very important 5 elements of BEE legislation:

• Ownership – 25 points
• Management control – 19 points
• Skills Development – 25 points.
• Enterprise and Supplier Development – 40 points
• Socio-economic development – 5 points


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