Assurance services became very popular in South African after its implementation of its official implementation in 2011. BBBEE Assurance services Johannesburg deals with assurance engagements to report on a measured entity of B-BBEE Scorecard as reflected in a B-BBEE Verification Certificate.

Inspiredex offers services of BBBEE Assurance services Johannesburg are but not limited to:

• Providing limited assurance engagement with respect to a B-BBEE Verification Certificate involves performing procedures regarding the Scorecard
• B-BBEE Status of the measured entity based on the criteria and requirements contained in the Codes of Good Practice.
• The procedures performed depend on the assurance provider’s judgment.

We understand that there are many Procedures for BBBEE Assurance services Johannesburg below is a brief of the procedures that we use for assurance engagements.

• Determining the assurance procedures to be performed on engagement as a matter of professional judgment.
• The procedures performed in a limited assurance engagement will vary in nature and are less in extent than for, a reasonable assurance engagement.
• If the B-BBEE approved registered auditor has reason to believe that the B-BBEE Scorecard may be materially misstated, the B-BBEE approved registered auditor designs and performs additional procedures considered necessary in the circumstances of the engagement to be able to conclude in accordance with this SASAE It is important to know that when performing other assurance work for an audit or review client does not result in threats to independence. When performing an audit or review of financial statements, the audit or review engagement team must be independent of the client.
• The assurance framework notes that an assurance engagement may be either a reasonable assurance engagement or a limited assurance engagement.
• B-BBEE approved registered auditor chooses a combination of assurance procedures, which can include inspection, observation, confirmation, recalculation, re-performance, analytical procedures, and inquiry.

What are the benefits BBBEE Assurance services Johannesburg at Inspiredex?

• we take a closer look at a business through the eyes of a skilled business professional.
• Assurance services make the process of BEE smooth and fast.
• ensures users are more confident that the information presented to them is reliable
• gives more credibility to BEE processes
• facilitates the running and management of the business
• advice and recommendations will be given during the process
• improves business processes
• aids the process of obtaining finance
• assists management in understanding and reducing business risks
• better controls can increase profit
• gives more confidence in internal controls
• More valid conclusions can be drawn from the accounts

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