B-BBEE Rating Services Gauteng must be accredited with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), to help the clients by calculating their BEE score as per the act and provide their clients with a detailed assessment of their organizations’ BEE status. Visit Inspiredex today at Unit 39 Oaklane Office Park 111 Grippen Road, Bartlett Boksburg, 1459 or give us a call 011 894 3397 for your B-BBEE Rating Services Gauteng. Basically, Inspiredex provides business owners with services to help by calculating their BEE needs.

Listed below is the B-BBEE Rating Services Gauteng steps to use for both Qualifying Small Enterprise and Exempt Micro Enterprise

Step 1: Application, Approval, and Payment

• Measured entity requests an Application Form
• Client Manager sends Application Form to ME
• Measured entity completes and returns Application Form to Client Manager
• Client Manager sends Application Form to Verifications Manager
• Verifications Manager reviews and approves application against prescribed criteria.
• Client Manager sends Quotation and/or Invoice to measure entity.
• I approve the quote and pays a commitment fee (65% of quoted/Invoiced amount).

Step 2: Pre-site Visit and Legal Processes

• The client Manager prepares and sends SLA and other contracts for signature by a Measured entity.
• Lead Analyst visits Measured entity for a briefing, to explain the verification process and to agree on Verification Plan, Team and deadlines.
• Measured entity prepares all required documents and sends them to Client Manager.
• Client Manager signs-off Document Register acknowledging receipt and hands documents over to Lead Analyst.

Step 3: Analysis, Site visit, Reporting, and Certification

• Lead Analyst performs a basic analysis and measures entity against the scorecard.
• Lead Analyst visits ME on site for Verification as agreed on the Verification Plan.
• Lead Analyst prepares Verification Report and Recommendation for Verifications Manager.
• Verifications Manager performs Vertical Assessment and Quality Assurance on the report and then approves the recommendation report.
• The client Manager sends a Verification Report and Rating to ME for approval.
• I approve of the Verification Report and Rating.
• Verifications Manager issues a Rating Certificate and Final Report.
• Client Manager sends Rating Certificate and Final Report to the measured entity.

It is advisable to work with accredited BBEE Rating Agencies because they reduce your work for better use, there are also committed to delivering high standards of competence and professionalism for the client’s business.
Inspiredex strives to add value and make a difference in the client’s workplace through service excellence and clear evaluation of BEE. In conclusion, it has been proven that the easiest and best way to get an accurate scorecard is to consult inspredex for excellent B-BBEE Rating Services Gauteng that will help you understand how BEE will work and it will prepare your company for the accredited rating.

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