Inspiredex is B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg our services include helping clients by calculating their BEE score as per the act. We offer integrated professional services in all areas of the workplace. Our aim is to provide our clients with a detailed assessment of their organizations’ BEE status.

What B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg do?

• We are committed to delivering high standards of competence and professionalism for the client’s business.
• We add value and make a difference in your workplace through service excellence and customer satisfaction.
• Inspiredex creates a relationship with employees and clients are based on principles of integrity, respect, confidentiality, trust, and mutual understanding.

B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg must be accredited with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) Inspiredex is 100% qualified B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg to help you with any inquiries regarding BEE. Before consulting B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg you need to have answers to the following 5 basic aspects:

• Set Goals
• Savor success
• Have a plan
• Stay Focused

The following is the process for B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg:

• The client request rating then fills in the application form
• The form is then returned to the inspiredex a B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg
• The Inspiredex completes the risk assessment and the application form.
• The agency then prepares the quote for the client and send it to them
• Payment is made and then the real work begins.
• This stage conducts a briefing meeting with verification analyst
• The second visit is the start of the rating of the clients B-BBEE.
• Information is audited and the verification plan is papered and send to the client.
• After every step is completed the electronic version of the report and certification are sent to the client.

B-BBEE Rating Agencies in Johannesburg helps the client with assistance and a clear understanding of the basic element of B-BBEE and help them to stick to the rules and regulations of:

1. Ownership
• Ownership refers to the owner’s right to share in economic benefits that accrue as a result of the owner’s participation in the enterprise, and the right of the owner to influence the use of assets and resources of the enterprise.

2. Management
• Management focuses on the level of representation of black people in all levels of a company, from Top Management (executive directors) to Senior, Middle and Junior Managers this means that races must be represented accordingly.

3. Skills development
• The company should provide accredited programs such as apprenticeships, learnerships and internships, and mentorship programs.

4. Enterprise and supplier development
• For BEE Supplier development is the process of working with certain suppliers to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organization.

5. Socio-economic development
• These are the social contributions played by the company towards its employees and communities.

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