Inspiredex is a South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) Accredited B-BBEE Agency that offer different BEE Service.

Some of the BEE Services offered by Inspired includes:

  • Verification

Working with BEE agencies helps you to get the accredited verification and also offer affidavit reports.

  • Strategy

BEE strategy basically states that an appropriate and sustainable BEE implementation must be aligned with other business objectives. The strategy that is put together create efficient, business aligned and impact-oriented solutions for BEE.

  • BEE Advisory

BEE Advisory service provide clients with a comprehensive advisory approach that draws from their strengths in providing strategic and tactical know-how about BEE, industry knowledge, innovative structuring and financing solutions.


  • Implementation

After putting the strategy together, the ideas must be implemented by a well-informed management team that has been capacitated to effectively execute chosen action plans and record relevant activities and spending.


  • Ownership

We are experts in structuring a range of ownership deals and can also assist with finding the right BEE partners as needed.


  • Informing

Working Inspiredex that offer BEE Service helps the directors and managers have to stay informed on changes to the regulatory framework related to BEE and the progress of the business toward stated BEE objectives.

BEE Service plays a very big role not just in the business sector only but also in the lives of all the citizens below are the benefits for BEE Services for all the South Africans:

  • More value-added goods and services.
  • More employable people (Skills Development).
  • Decrease in crime.
  • More people productively employed.
  • Entry into the global market and increased foreign investment.


It is undoubted that BEE Services plays a vital role in the development of the business and its progress, here are the benefits of BEE Services for business:

  • Big companies and investors will see that you mean business and that you are look to them to support your efforts which will make it easy for them to give you tenders.
  • This will also help to review the company’s performance with regard to national requirements.
  • You will have a clear picture of what types of supplier you have.
  • A rating would give you leverage to be able to negotiate better discounts.
  • Supplier analysis will assist with your procurement policy development.
  • Working with BEE Services enhances the demonstration of leadership in your company.
  • One of the biggest benefits is that your company provides social, educational and economic developments in the community in which you operate and create jobs for the youth in the community.
  • BEE Services increases and develop the employees’ skills and potential development as well as your BEE ratings enhance fair and progressive employment practices.
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