In the past, many people got confused with the BEE Verification because there was no clear direction of how things are done and the importance of the BEE Verification for your company was not clear.

Later the BEE Verification agencies like inspiredex were established to assist business owners with obtaining their Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) certificates every year. These agencies play an essential role in the effective implementation and functioning of the BBBEE policy. Their accreditation provides the clients with the assurance that their BBBEE certificates will be valid, and their scorecard ratings (from Level one to eight) accurate.

Step 1 when working with inspiredex a SANAS Accredited BEE verification we will confirm the size of your company and its classification.

Step 2 on this step we calculate your ranking on the BBBEE scorecard, initially there are eight levels, with one being the best in terms of the benefits it confers.

Step 3 lastly once the BBBEE verification procedures are complete, Inspiredex will provide you with your BBBEE certificate, which is valid for a year. They will also talk you through ways in which you can work too, at the very least, maintain, or upgrade your ranking.

Some of the benefits of working choosing us to do your BEE Verification is that we are a level 1 B-BBEE Contributor with 135% BEE procurement recognition in terms of the DTI codes of good practice issued in 2013 and we are one of the leading B-BBEE Rating Agencies in South Africa. This work on your company’s advantage because inspiredex has trained and qualified staff who are always ready to fulfill all your BEE needs and help your company to grow.

In older days people were doing this process for themselves and generally, they faced a lot of difficulties simply because they were not trained for it. That’s why inspiredex plays an essential role in the effective implementation and functioning of the BBBEE policy and takes you through the whole process. Remember it is important to verify is the agency is accredited before working with them. To avoid unscrupulous people taking advantage of the opportunities provided by BBBEE and posing as verification agents, South African legislation mandates that all BBBEE verification agencies be formally accredited as we are at Inspiredex.

To know more about the process of getting your company’s Accredited BEE Verification simple pay us a visit at Unit 39 Oaklane Office Park 111 Grippen Road, Bartlett Boksburg, 1459 or give us a call 011 894 3397 today to change your company and make good returns.


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